Julie (she/her) 

is a visual artist, gardener and herbalist who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Through photography, she engages with her surroundings.

The context, experience and history of non-private spaces are often at the core of her work. Driven by the questions 'What is that we see? What layers are hidden for the eye? How do we make connection again with our environment?' Julie plays with the boundaries of how images should be seen and displayed. She therefore often works with temporary, less artistically-conventional methods of presentation, ranging from billboards to garden fences to make the grid of public spaces her own and thus reclaim her place.


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Selected group exhibitions
Things in the mirror are closer then they appear, Gallerie Néon, 2015, Lyon
TUMULT, at LUCA School of Arts, 2016, Ghent
Mayday Mayday Festival, at Campo, 2016, Ghent
Ghent Art Book Fair, at 019, 2016, Ghent
Digitaal Materiaal, at Het Stadhuis, 2017, Leuven
Visuals for Christine Denamur, at Botanique, 2018, Brussels
Selected work for Dutch Design Week, 2018, Eindhoven
Taart in de brievenbus, 2019, Ghent
Dacca, at Dacca, 2019, Temse
Dienst der gedroomde gewesten, 2019, Ieper
LABO #5, at Vaartkom, 2021, Leuven
KONVOOI Festival, at Entrepot, 2021, Bruges
Uitwijken x PLAN B, at Stokveldewijk, 2021, Bruges
De Nieuwe Garde van Kunst In Huis, at Het Zuiderperhuis, 2022, Antwerp
Vruchtbare Grond 2023, at Het Bos, 2023, Antwerp

– Selected solo exhibitions
Open Atelier, at De Markten, 2014, Brussels
Curating the young, at OPEK, 2017, Leuven
In Situ Work 11, at Kijkhoek, 2018, Ghent
Reconstruction of In situ work 8, at Vitrine, 2018, Ghent
Home Sweet Home for Jampoetic, at Zinnema, 2020, Brussels
ça roule for 100 jaar tuinwijken, at Het Rad Anderlecht, 2022, Brussels

– Self-curated exhibitions
Cabine D090, 2021, Schaarbeek/Brussels
Raam Passage 01, at Werkplaats Walter, 2021, Brussels
Areas of Greens and Greys, at metrostop Bourse, 2022, Brussels
Raam Passage 'If we don't carry the house, it will fall',
at Werkplaats Walter, 2023, Brussels


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